Hello and welcome to July Itinerary

I’m Tanja, a traveller by heart and a marketer by trade. July Itinerary was born out of my desire to inspire others to travel through beautiful photography and honest words. Follow me as I check off my dream destinations around the world while working full-time in Marketing.


My passion for travel was sparked at a young age, when my family made the life changing decision to immigrate across the world – from Serbia to Canada. It was through this experience that I began to form an appreciation for different cultures. 7 years later I would get the chance to travel again, this time to Cuba, which opened by eyes to a completely different world yet again. From then on, I knew travel would be a life long adventure. Today, I have visited over 16 countries with many more on my list.


Starting off, I used a simple point and shoot camera on my travels, eventually graduating to a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 which I now use in conjunction with a modest collection of lenses. My photography skills are amateur at best, but I strive to continually improve.

Behind the name:

Being a July baby, summer has always been my favourite season – it is during these warm and sunny months that I feel most energized and inspired. Naturally, this is the season when my travel plans come to fruition and I take off to experience another beautiful destination on my list. While not all of my travels have been during the month of July, a fair amount of them have, and I will always associate this bright and cheery month with that feeling you get when the plane takes off.

I hope to inspire you to check off that dream destination on your list and to fall in love with traveling!